Insurance Reports

You usually aren’t prepared when storms hit and damage your property. All you can do is look out the window and watch the weather rip your world apart.

You need to call your insurance company and clean up the mess. Sometimes the damage is relatively minor – tree limbs, a few dents in the SUV or your roof.

Sometimes there’s considerable damage – a roof is peeled back, the dents on your car make it look like a golf ball, or your tree is on your neighbor’s house.

Most of the time insurance adjusters do an excellent job assessing damage and paying claims. Every once in a while claims are denied. Most often we find an adjuster will deny a claim when they use weather data from far away, an online hail reporting service, or when they just don’t know how to find accurate weather data to substantiate your claim.

We look at all available data – and there’s a lot out there! We look for storm reports, at radar and satellite data, as well as data from remote weather stations. The report we send you includes graphs, tables and images of the data we use. We provide our expert opinion and sign off on it. Most reports are five to ten pages.  AMS-SEAL

Our goal is to get the facts and present everything in an understandable format for you and your insurance company.  You have the confidence that it is comprehensive and that it is signed off by a Certified Consulting Meteorologist.

The cost of the property damage report is $150. Additional fees may apply if you need to retain us for court or arbitration.

We also provide reports and expert testimony for crop insurance. Contact us for information for a no-obligation assessment of your crop insurance situation.

Here’s the information you need for us to prepare a property damage weather report:

  • Approximate time and date of the event
  • Location of the damage (physical address and/or latitude and longitude)
  • Type of damage

Once you pay the $150 fee via PayPal you will be redirected to a form to fill out. The information you provide is needed so we can gather the data essential for the report. If you don’t want to use PayPal, you can always mail us a check or money order along with  date, time, location and type of damage.

Be aware that it is possible we might not find data to support your claim. In the event that there is insufficient data, we will still send you a report with our findings. We cannot guarantee the outcome of any settlement; that is up to you, your insurer or arbitrator. Services are for the U.S. only. For information on criminal and civil forensic services, click here.

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