Forensic meteorology is the reconstruction of weather events for a particular location at a particular time. The event may have happened a couple of days ago or several years ago and at a location near a weather reporting station or far away.

Our reports and depositions are used for cases ranging from fatal accidents to crimes. The reports are also used by property owners and insurance companies when there is property damage and a settlement needs to be reached.

Our depositions have been used in arbitration and our expert testimony has been accepted at both the state and U.S. Court (Kansas) level.

We have experience with the following types of cases:

    • Criminal
    • Accidental death – construction site


  • Accidental death – vehicle
  • Aircraft accident
  • Personal injury
  • Vehicle accident – non-fatal
  • Wildfire
  • Property damage – construction
  • Property damage – personal
  • Estimated pavement conditions
  • Estimated maximum wind gusts
  • Construction delays

Chris Orr is one of about 300 Certified Consulting Meteorologists in the U.S., as designated by the American Meteorological Society. The CCM designation recognizes knowledge, experience and integrity through written and oral examination, a strict code of ethics, and continuing education.

Our basic reports are based on actual weather observations, radar data, satellite images, upper air data and other information to reconstruct weather conditions at the time of an event. We can reconstruct the weather conditions for remote locations and for events that occurred many years ago.

Our basic report is prepared with a deposition in mind. You will get all of the information you need to decide if weather is a factor in the case. We organize the report in a logical sequence and generally avoid jargon that might confuse a jury, judge or arbitrator. We also word our reports carefully so that the findings should not be misconstrued.

Our ultimate goal is to present the facts and to give an accurate picture of what happened prior to, during and after the event in question.

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