The Global Extreme Weather Outlook

Weather will have a major impact on stocks and commodities within six months.

Now you can know when weather will move markets with our…

  • Global 30 day to 6 month outlook every Wednesday with details on how the weather will impact sectors
  • Pre-market updates on breaking weather that will affect stocks and commodities
  • Commentary on weather and climate news and how it will impact business and commodities

Chris made two predictions in July 2013. He predicted that Winter 2013/14 would be 10% to 20% colder for the east half of the U.S. and that El Nino would form this summer. When did you find out?

Take the guesswork out of how weather will impact the markets

Nobody likes to be surprised by the weather, especially commodity and equity traders. Our forecasters have been advising traders, hedge funds and other businesses affected by the weather for more than 30 years.

We predict when and where extreme weather events (such as storms, cold and heat waves, drought) will occur as much as 90 days in advance. You get an actionable report every Wednesday.

We use proprietary forecast methods and it is information you won’t find anywhere else. Find out about extreme weather before everyone else does! We use a combination of computer and analytical models to watch weather systems well into the future. We predict changes in the weather patterns and extreme weather (heat waves, cold waves, heavy rain, snow storms, onset or end of drought, El Nino and La Nina) as much as 90 days in advance.

Special Reports
ExtremeWeatherSpecialOur special reports breakdown how weather will affect commodities, equities and lives for the next 90 days to 12 months. These reports are only available to annual subscribers.

Our models and methods cut through the chaos computer models can’t, providing you with a stable, steady stream of actionable information.

Why does it matter?
If you were trading natural gas this winter, you know that there were a lot of “this is the last time we’ll see the polar vortex” forecasts. We knew the cold air would hang around and never changed our forecast and expected large natgas draw downs to continue.

We knew in early March that a strong storm system would cut through the southern U.S. the last week of April. That’s well before the April 26-29 severe thunderstorm and tornado outbreak. At the end of May we predicted a very wet weather pattern for the Northern Plains and Upper Mississippi Valley.

We predicted this year’s El Nino last year!

Get your copy of the Global Extreme Weather Outlook every Wednesday with analysis of how the weather will affect sectors. Plus, Monday through Friday you’ll get a pre-market update on late breaking weather events and commentary on how the weather and climate will impact companies and commodities.

30 Years of experience in global long-range weather forecasting with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Subscribe absolutely risk-free! We’ll give you a full refund if you are not absolutely happy within the first 30 days.

ExtremeWxStay Ahead of the Weather
Our proprietary methods allow us to see when major changes in weather patterns will happen and extreme weather will occur – and we pass that information along to you. Plus, you get our special reports and our seasonal outlooks.

The newsletter arrives by email every Wednesday morning.

Plus – you’ll get daily updates on how the weather will impact sectors. We are always on the lookout for stocks and commodities that will move on the weather in the next six months.

If it impacts business and lives – you’ll find out about it here first.

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