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How much do you value expert weather advice? How important is it for you to know what the weather will be like for the next 90 days?

Chris Orr’s desire is to help you with your weather and climate needs. Chris has worked as a meteorologist for more than 32 years and has been designated a Certified Consulting Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society since 1997.

There are fewer than 325 active CCMs and Chris is one of them.

He specializes in forecasting extreme weather events and forensic meteorology.

Here are some of the services Chris and his associates provide.

  • Forensic Meteorologyreconstructing weather for court cases and insurance claims. From accidents to criminal cases and weather-related damage, we gather the data and tell you what the weather was like at a particular moment in time. Chris has experience handling vehicle and aircraft accidents, construction mishaps, wildfires, severe weather and criminal cases. His findings have been used in state and U.S. District Court.
  • Medium and Long-range Forecasts – weather affects crops from planting to harvest. Chris’ forecasts for agriculture have been used from the trading floor to the farm, managing chemical applications, avoiding the high cost of replanting and avoiding freezes at harvest.Commodity traders use his weekly 30-, 60-, 90-day (and longer) forecasts to reliably trade on significant weather changes throughout the growing season, estimate impacts on the energy industry and other sectors.

    Construction companies have used Chris’ forecasts to plan jobs and avoid costly delays.

  • Extreme Weather and Risk Management – decades of experience forecasting extreme weather events 1 day to more than 90 days in advance give anyone who manages risk an edge. Management of resources is easier with advance warning of snow storms, heat waves and cold waves, tropical storms, large scale high wind events, heavy rain and the onset or end of drought.
  • Speaking and teaching– bringing weather knowledge to you. Chris Orr will bring lively discussion to your group on any one of a variety of weather topics, from small community groups to conferences, to university lectures and business meetings. See information about speaking engagements and workshops here.

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