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Integrity: No Guts, No Glory – Doing the right thing all of the time

Do you speak up or do you sit back? The world is getting crowded with victims, people who won’t take a stand, who are afraid to make their voice heard. Employers let sloppy work and lazy employees slide along. Employees let co-works slack off and then gripe about it. Congress sits back and does nothing. Moms and dads allow their families to fall apart at the seams because they are afraid they’ll lose their kids if the act like parents.

Do the right thing. Take a stand. Life is all black and white. There are no gray areas in life and you need to live like it.


Back From The Brink – Surviving Sepsis

Sepsis kills more people than cancer every year. It is the body’s reaction to an infection – the body over-reacting and attacking not only the infection but vital organs, too. Blood pressure drops and organs quickly fail. Approximately 1,000,000 people in the U.S. become septic each year and 28% to 50% die.

Survivors are left on their own to cope in a world that has pain, impaired cognitive skills and extreme fatigue.  But there’s no support after a survivor leaves the hospital. I talk about how I learned to build back memory, overcame fatigue and learned to speak normally again.