Budget Busting Snow Storms

20130206snowAt a time when cities, counties and states are very strapped for cash, three snow storms are ready to strike the Northeast U.S., each capable of dumping 10 inches of snow. Snowfall of that magnitude can drain a highway department budget.

Pile on three storm, drift them together in a three week span, and you’re plowing through a ton of money.

The magnitude of a 15 to 20 inch snow storm, and the shear might required to move that much snow, can easily blow a city snow removal budget. That happened in the wake of the December 2010 New York City storm. – and it happens fairly often.

With a little luck, most areas will get a large snow storm once or maybe twice in a fiscal year.  This year, this month alone could see storms with a total accumulation of 30 inches for some municipalities. That should be enough to bury some city budgets and bring others to the edge of their financial ability to remove snow.

Thankfully, we are getting close to the end of winter.

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